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After such moves failed to quell the unrest, Chile’s president tried to placate protesters with a conciliatory televised address in which he asked forgiveness for the “shortsightedness” of the country’s political leaders.

As chief cabinet secretary, Yoshihide Suga has faithfully communicated Abe’s message, on everything from economic policy to North Korean missile tests and the country’s faltering response to the coronavirus pandemic.

As a member of a small group of decision-makers around Abe, Suga is being touted as the continuity candidate in a contest that so far includes the former defence minister – and Abe critic – Shigeru Ishiba, and Fumio Kishida, a former foreign minister.

4.49pm: Stoke 2-2 Portsmouth (Shawcross og 87) Another huge goal in what is surely the greatest game since Italy and West Germany in 1970: Ryan Shawcross turns the ball into his own net, and Portsmouth get something resembling their just deserts.

Local media reported on Tuesday that Suga was poised to confirm rumours that he intended to join the race to succeed Abe as president of the ruling Liberal Democratic party (LDP) – a position that would automatically make him prime minister.

When he heard that Obama had signed the administrative order, opening up a possible door to legal status for undocumented young people, he went to his brother’s bedroom and woke him. Saavedra recalled that it was nearly seven years since he had promised Rodrigo that he would be able to go to college. He also remembers his brother’s response: “He said, ‘Thank you – that took a while’.”

On foreign policy, he will be confronted by worsening ties with China and South Korea, and must decide how to restyle his predecessor’s diplomatic courtship with Donald Trump, who this week described Abe as “the greatest prime minister in the history of Japan”.

On Saturday an estimated 1 million people poured on to the streets of Santiago for a peaceful protest that was reputedly the country’s largest since the dying days of Gen Augusto Pinochet’s dictatorship in the late 1980s.

She has studied contemporary accounts of the evening, fashions and fabrics of the period, and every inch of the dress itself, including evidence that it was later altered for somebody taller and stouter than the tiny author. One woman who had been at the dinner recalled that Brontë wore a moss green dress. Houghton concludes that the date 1850 is right for a dress already slightly old fashioned, but the occasion wrong. The long association with Thackeray, she believes, is because Brontë probably wore it to another meeting with Thackeray, a private morning meeting.

When the dress was auctioned at Sotheby’s in 1916 it was described as made for Brontë’s honeymoon in 1854, but Houghton thinks that is also unlikely, as by then the fashion had changed from its plain tight sleeves to more voluminous pleated ones.

“People were always saying take it easy, take it slow. We said, we can’t wait. We just wanted to go to college. Our parents had made this huge sacrifice for our generation, but we were blocked from bettering ourselves.”

Chelsea have beaten Aston Villa 1-0 and go above them. Villa’s slide starts here. I wouldn’t be entirely surprised if they didn’t finish in the top five, never mind the top four. They have shot their bolt.

Kishida, the LDP’s policy chief, is said to be Abe’s chosen successor, but has not polled well among voters. The finance minister and deputy prime minister, Taro Aso, has reportedly ruled himself out, while the foreign minister, Toshimitsu Motegi, and defence minister, Taro Kono, have yet to decide whether to run.

The dinner, with other literary and artistic guests invited to meet the bestselling author, was an abject failure. Conversation faltered, and he later recalled her shocked look as he reached for another potato. One guest recalled it as “one of the dullest evenings she ever spent in her life”, and Thackeray’s daughter Anne remembered: “It was a gloomy and silent evening. Everyone waited for the brilliant conversation, which never began at all.”

“The white and blue delaine Thackeray dress would have been the right choice for such a meeting. Its high neck, long sleeves and mid-quality printed fabric point to pretty but unassuming morning attire.”

3.50pm “Lee Cattermole’s return to Teesside has turned sour,” reports Spencer Vignes at the Riverside. “The lad from Stockton on Tees, never one to shy away from a meaty challenge, went in hard on Didier Digard leaving the Middlesbrough man writhing in agony and requiring gas and air before being substituted. Referee Mike Dean must have rated Cattermole’s tackle as hard but fair as no card was shown. Do I not like that say the Middlesbrough public as one communal, seething mass.” After a half like that, teclado tfue I wouldn’t mind some of what Digard’s having.

“Charlotte’s blue and white dress is a fascinating piece of clothing that reveals many insights into the life of its owner,” she said. “Its size, the choice of materials and cut, and the quality, have all allowed Eleanor to piece together when it was worn, and what it reveals about the public life of this very private author.”


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